A Tribute in
Remembrance of:
This page is intended to
honor all of the heroes of
9-11, large and small,
important and insignificant -
they are all significant to
someone and should loom
large in our memories.
If you have the desire and time, please listen
to our song"Freedom Isn't Free", which is a
tribute to all of the heroes of this
unprecedented disaster. God bless them and
God bless America. If we lose sight of our
exceptional place in God's plan for this
world, we won't last much longer, either as
a nation or as a world - in our opinion, at
The soldier interviewed in the article below is
our daughter's husband. God bless him and all
the other soldiers like him, some of whom may
be asked to "give that last full measure".
Here are our grandsons - Bayley & Zackary, Ben's sons.
They represent the future; they are what it's all about.
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