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Rick & Nancy (Wiredtogether)
       Approximately 100 shows in all!  
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- all Wiredtogether songs
SHOW#2 - Wiredtogether songs plus
music by Tim Berndt
SHOW#3 - Wiredtogether music
SHOW#4 - Wiredtogether plus Gemini
SHOW#5 - Wiredtogether &
Heartstrings                  Monterey  (a.k.a.) Las
Cuerdas del Corazon)
SHOW#6 - Wiredtogether & Hosanna Quintin and
"Patrick", plus songs by previous guests
SHOW#7 - Wiredtogether & Gary Souza, etc.
SHOW#8 - Wiredtogether, Poppermost, &
Laura        Laine
SHOW#9 - Wiredtogether, Reinaldo Garcia

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Love Songs and Other Silly

Daddies Are Heroes
Family Ties
Freedom Isn't Free
On My Own
One More Time
Place In My Heart
There's My Love
What About Mom?
What Can I Do For You?
With You Gone
Love Songs & Other Silly Stuff, Vol. II
(recorded in the Wiredtogether studio digitally)
1..Devil's On My Shoulder
2. I Can't Go Along
3. I Can't Stop Loving You This Way
4. I'm Not Looking Back No More
5. Just Call On Me
6. Lilah
7. Sour Grapes
8. Sadder But Wiser Now
9. This Love Will Last
10. Tomorrow Is Promised To None
11. Waves Of Love
12. With Love
Love Songs & Other Silly Stuff, Vol. III
1. Angela
2. Be What I Want To Be
3. Don't Call Us, We'll Call You
4. For You and I (Instrumental)
5. Found A Picture
6. Gilbert Avenue
7. Hold Onto That Tender Moment
8. I'll Come Back To You
9. Just Call Me Angel
10. O' Lamb of God
11. Paleogirl
12. Star-spangled Banner
13. The Last One To Know
Album #1-4
Album #4 Contents will be added soon!